Wedding, what wedding? We’re much too busy!

Here she is, our beautiful little puppy. She seems to be settling in well, and Nino is cautiously pleased though a little bemused.

 under ther cherry tree

She played in the garden, explored the toys and discovered that chewing an old pair of slippers is fun but not allowed.slippers I’m not sure how the night will go but am keeping my fingers crossed, she was less than impressed when she was left alone for a couple of minutes earlier so I think we’ll put the crate in the bedroom so she has some company…both human and dog.


The count down begins…

The constant references to the Royal Wedding excitement make me laugh, we are looking forward to the 29th too but for us there will be no TV or royal watching, we’ll be far too busy with the puppy! My sister came to visit over Easter with her 11month old spaniel puppy, Misty. It was good training for us all…Misty showed me how inadequate my puppy proofing to that point had been. She found her way under the kitchen cupboards, nearly got her head into the oven when I served lunch, found the loose panel in the fencing, picked up crisp packets, empty drinks cans (both courtesy of the kids next door) and lots and lots of plastic plant labels in the garden and chewed the broken wood at the bottom of the garage wall.  She played with our old dog, Nino, bouncing in front of him, sniffing at his ears, licking his face etc all good training for his new housemate. He coped admirably, and apparently enjoyed it as when we met another spaniel puppy today he wagged his tail and approached her, ready to play.

I went out to buy a puppy collar and lead today and frustratingly couldn’t find a pet shop. The big pet store at the retail park seems to have caused the smaller shops to close down so I suppose I’ll have to go there tomorrow but the loss of the three local pet shops is another  reminder of the effect of a big store on local businesses.


After  a long search and visits to a number of rescue centres we still hadn’t found the right dog to replace Charlie. A friend at my knitting group mentioned that she was buying a puppy from a local breeder who might have an older dog to sell so we went to look. The older dog is beautiful and we were very tempted but she is obviously very attached to her present owner and the breeder seemed not 100% sure she wanted to part with her. Then we had a wee peek at the puppies…

they are beautiful and we came away having fallen in love with this little one . All the way home we discussed how much more sensible our decision to get an older dog is, how disruptive a puppy would be etc etc and as we arrived back home my son turned to me and said “So what are we going to call the puppy then?” and the decision was made! She is to be called Skye (her Kennel Club registered name is Nryeemas Dark Shadow) and we can have her at the end of the month when she is 8 weeks old.

Himmelbjerget returns

Welcome to the new Himmelbjerget blog. Himmelbjerget is named after the “sky/heaven mountain” in Denmark which is 147m high…more of a wee hill really.

I am a teacher, knitter and embroiderer who also sews, I live with my son and, at the moment, one wee brown dog.

At the moment we are busy looking for a new dog, we lost the beautiful and gentle Charlie Bear (a large and fluffy GSD) recently and both we and Nino our little dog are missing him terribly. We would like a large German Shepherd or Retriever, preferably long haired and bear like. It must be gentle with small children and able to live with a small elderly Border Terrier. In the UK there are a number of dog rescue organisations and we have registered with these as well as looking at some breeders pages at puppies, the puppies are all beautiful but our preference would be another rescue dog. The process is a complicated one, almost as complicated as adopting a child in some ways with home visits, garden checks, references taken up etc. Frustratingly a dog will be suggested, we express an interest and then hear that it has already been taken or fails one of the requirements such as child friendliness or we fail one of the conditions such as 2m high fencing!