Himmelbjerget returns

Welcome to the new Himmelbjerget blog. Himmelbjerget is named after the “sky/heaven mountain” in Denmark which is 147m high…more of a wee hill really.

I am a teacher, knitter and embroiderer who also sews, I live with my son and, at the moment, one wee brown dog.

At the moment we are busy looking for a new dog, we lost the beautiful and gentle Charlie Bear (a large and fluffy GSD) recently and both we and Nino our little dog are missing him terribly. We would like a large German Shepherd or Retriever, preferably long haired and bear like. It must be gentle with small children and able to live with a small elderly Border Terrier. In the UK there are a number of dog rescue organisations and we have registered with these as well as looking at some breeders pages at puppies, the puppies are all beautiful but our preference would be another rescue dog. The process is a complicated one, almost as complicated as adopting a child in some ways with home visits, garden checks, references taken up etc. Frustratingly a dog will be suggested, we express an interest and then hear that it has already been taken or fails one of the requirements such as child friendliness or we fail one of the conditions such as 2m high fencing!


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