After  a long search and visits to a number of rescue centres we still hadn’t found the right dog to replace Charlie. A friend at my knitting group mentioned that she was buying a puppy from a local breeder who might have an older dog to sell so we went to look. The older dog is beautiful and we were very tempted but she is obviously very attached to her present owner and the breeder seemed not 100% sure she wanted to part with her. Then we had a wee peek at the puppies…

they are beautiful and we came away having fallen in love with this little one . All the way home we discussed how much more sensible our decision to get an older dog is, how disruptive a puppy would be etc etc and as we arrived back home my son turned to me and said “So what are we going to call the puppy then?” and the decision was made! She is to be called Skye (her Kennel Club registered name is Nryeemas Dark Shadow) and we can have her at the end of the month when she is 8 weeks old.


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