The count down begins…

The constant references to the Royal Wedding excitement make me laugh, we are looking forward to the 29th too but for us there will be no TV or royal watching, we’ll be far too busy with the puppy! My sister came to visit over Easter with her 11month old spaniel puppy, Misty. It was good training for us all…Misty showed me how inadequate my puppy proofing to that point had been. She found her way under the kitchen cupboards, nearly got her head into the oven when I served lunch, found the loose panel in the fencing, picked up crisp packets, empty drinks cans (both courtesy of the kids next door) and lots and lots of plastic plant labels in the garden and chewed the broken wood at the bottom of the garage wall.  She played with our old dog, Nino, bouncing in front of him, sniffing at his ears, licking his face etc all good training for his new housemate. He coped admirably, and apparently enjoyed it as when we met another spaniel puppy today he wagged his tail and approached her, ready to play.

I went out to buy a puppy collar and lead today and frustratingly couldn’t find a pet shop. The big pet store at the retail park seems to have caused the smaller shops to close down so I suppose I’ll have to go there tomorrow but the loss of the three local pet shops is another  reminder of the effect of a big store on local businesses.


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