One week in the life of the pup

In her first week at home Skye has

    • grown
    • learned to “go outside” and not make puddles on the carpet
    • learned to “sit” to recieve a treat
    • discovered that Nino doesn’t share his food but loves to share hers
    • learned that eating tulip heads is frowned upon
    • eating knitting is even worse
    • Nino doesn’t want to play chase, have his ears chewed or his tail bitten and will only put up with it for a while
    • Nino can be very cross if you ignore the warnings
    • the humans don’t like being bitten either
    • the vet gives you a pink squeaky monkey toy to distract you when you get your first injection and you get to take it home
    • chewing the pink squeaky monkey drives everyone else crazy!

The first week has flown past, yet Skye seems to have been here for ages. She and Nino are learning to live together but I do catch him looking at her as if he is wondering why we replaced dear sweet gentle Charlie with this crazy hyperactive puppy. I wonder too, I’m sure another elderly German Shepherd would have been easier to adapt to and we all miss Charlie!  He looks hopefully at visitors to see if a) they have brought him a Bonio and b) if he could fit Skye into their bags and get them to take her home. However he is learning to cope with her and occasionally I catch him cuddling up beside her when she’s sleeping so there’s hope yet. Let’s see what happens next week.


One thought on “One week in the life of the pup

  1. She’s doing very well for a little girl. And he is a gentleman…if a “slightly” disgruntled one! Button was very impressed with her…as was I. She has a lovely temperament once you get past the natural exuberance of youth. Now she just needs to learn to sleep through!

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