Half term holiday

Although it is not long since the Easter holidays I was ready for this week off work, the last four weeks have been so busy with the arrival of Skye.

So what have we achieved this week

  • Skye has visited Doggie Playcare twice, once just to look round and one afternoon to stay and play.
  • She came home exhausted and has been so much easier to live with. Nino is feeling the benefit already!
  • I spent the afternoon that Skye was at Playcare baby-sitting a 14 week old baby and had a lovely time.
  • Skye can now go for walks and she has explored the park, met lots of children, met other dogs, learned to sit at the roadside to wait for the pelican crossing noise and to cross the road calmly. Having had a dog who was terrified of the crossing “bleeps” and would run across just to escape them this seemed a good skill to learn as soon as possible!

And what have I done apart from Skye related activities?

  • I bought a Le Creuset panstand, something I’ve wanted since I began collecting the pans. I’ve looked at a lot of panstands on Ebay but thay have always sold for ridiculous amounts of money as they are no longer made. I spotted this one last week and was fortunate enough to get it for a reasonable sum. It is a very basic wooden one in need of some TLC but has potential.
  • I sanded and undercoated the panstand after carefully removing the Le Creuset cast iron name panel. I’ll give it another coat of undercoat and then paint it to match the kitchen cupboards in Farrow and Ball’s Parma Grey and put the name panel back on. I would have preferred to leave the wood unpainted but it needed some filler in places and was quite badly watermarked so painting was the best solution.
  • I’ve been collecting flooring samples for the kitchen. I’d like rubber flooring preferably the studded kind that reminds me of Lego bricks but I am quite tempted by the Harvey Maria Cath Kidson spotted flooring.
  • we are finally in a position to have the rest of the kitchen cupboards built and installed so I need to get the preparation work (electrical and plumbing) done and order the cupboards and worktops from Olive Branch. That will mean emptying and removing the existing cupboards … something I’m not looking forward to having to do as I suspect we’ll find all sorts of problems behind them judging by the disasters we found behind the old sink unit (bare wires, leaky pipes, unfinished plasterwork etc!)



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