Come in no.53

Not the best photo but here it is, a Saab 900 Ruby no 53 of 150 made for sale in the UK, (apparently around 15 were also made for sale in Sweden and northern Europe too.) This is the car I’ve wanted since I saw a new one in 1993. I couldn’t afford one then and they were the last of the classic 900s made. I’ve had a couple of 900s and a Saab 96 and even a Saab 9-3 briefly but I have kept looking for a Ruby. It is beautiful, a deep ruby red, 3 door hatchback, the interior is excellent, the exterior has a couple of small rust patches but they will soon be sorted out.  It was delivered this afternoon, I was like a cat on hot bricks all day but occupied myself finishing my Le Creuset panstand.

The colour is Farrow and Ball Parma Grey which is a blue/grey colour to match the sink unit in the kitchen.



2 thoughts on “Come in no.53

  1. Woo hoo !
    What a beauty,….love the colour !
    I can see lots of wee run oots ,….just to test it out of course 😉

    ps. I too am finding the tablet strangely magnetic every time I go in the kitchen !

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