Restoring the Ruby

Now the Ruby is well and truly mine (the registration documents arrived today!) I can begin the restoration in earnest. I took the car to the garage last week for a quick check over and heaved a sigh of relief when I didn’t get a huge list of repairs that were urgently required.  I had a wee drive to Lytham last Saturday, the car drove as beautifully as I had hoped and I couldn’t stop smiling, I’m looking forward to taking it on a longer drive as soon as it’s possible.

I found a dog guard on e-bay and am waiting for it to arrive and found a Saab rubber boot liner in the small ads on the UK Saabs website so the car will be ready for canine passengers soon.

Next week the car will return to the garage to begin the process of fixing the oil leak, replacing the ball joints and removing the rusty patches. Since I can’t do any of the actual work on the car I’m contenting myself with sourcing and collecting spare parts, sorting out paperwork and of course paying the bills! Fortunately Saab owners seem to collect spare bits and pieces and if they don’t need them themselves to sell them on to others who do, there is a brisk trade in even the tiniest parts usually accompanied by a discussion of which car you have, what else you may need and good wishes for the future restoration.I think the next purchase may well have to be shelves and boxes to store my rapidly expanding collection of spares!

The sad state of the Saab company’s affairs always gets a brief mention and there is usually a discussion on the idea of resurecting production of the early models such as the 900, 99, 96, and 95.

PS I know there has been little news of the puppy recently, rest assured that she is growing enthusiastically and learning to behave and Nino is benefiting from her calmer behaviour. We had visitors for coffee and cake yesterday and both dogs were very good. Skye sat with us ( i.e. the ladies, drinking coffee/tea, eating cake and knitting), playing with her Stagbar and Nino and the very small (2year old) boy chatted to each other in the other room…well the small boy chatted and Nino listened politely and occasionally sneaked a lick of the small boy’s ears.


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