Let sleeping dogs lie

As I write this there are two sleeping dogs lying side by side on the sofa, they look so relaxed and it is a sight that makes me feel inordinately happy. Since we lost the lovely and gentle Charlie, our old dog Nino has been a sad little soul. He misses his old pal (as we all do) and didn’t think the arrival of a lively puppy was in any way an improvement on being an only dog. Skye came from a large litter and wanted to play with Nino in the same way as she played with her brothers and sisters. Nino reacted by hiding or by growling at her and on occasions nipping at her. In the last couple of weeks Skye has settled a lot, Nino has grown more confident and gradually they are learning to live together more easily.Nino likes to nap on the sofa in the evening but usually when Skye tries to jump up beside him he gets down grumpily and wanders off to find a quiet spot somewhere else. Tonight he fell asleep on the sofa and she very carefully got up beside him and curled up. He woke, looked at her and wagged his tail then went back to sleep. I desperately want to take a photo of them but it’s going dark and if I put the light on I know she will get up so instead I’m just enjoying the peace!



2 thoughts on “Let sleeping dogs lie

    • It is still very much a work in progress, Skye has spent this morning being beastly to Nino and he seems determined to get into her space to aggravate her. They are both asleep now but the hour between breakfast and now was bedlam!

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