Tricks and tribulations

“Teach your puppy a new trick this week” said the trainer last Friday after she had shown us a delightful and intelligent Lurcher putting rings onto a stacking toy. I tried to think of a trick for Skye but have to admit I’d rather spend the time teaching her something useful like “Lie Down” or just “No”  or better still maybe I could teach her to knit…she has already mastered unravelling knitting so if she could just learn to repair the damage we’d be fine! This morning she wolfed her breakfast as usual, ran into the front room to see if Nino had any left for her to steal and then shot out into the garden. I didn’t notice that she was carrying the project bag containing the baby cardigan I’m knitting but a few seconds later glanced out of the window to see her charging up and down with what looked like a kite flying behind her, I recognised my Peace Fleece Russian knitting needles and the cardigan back and saw the long string of baby cashmerino yarn winding round the bushes. I yelled the one command she does obey “SIT” and she obediently sat and looked up happily. Thankfully no damage was actually done to the knitting and the cardigan will hopefully be ready for Sunday.


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