Driving in the Lake District yesterday I was reminded of the time my sister and I spent in  Oslo and at Røyse Skole, in Hole a village just north of Oslo.  We had a wonderful time, everyone we met was friendly and welcoming and the country was so beautiful.The area of Cumbria around Windermere shares a similar landscape and feeling of peace and tranquility.

As I turned onto the motorway to come home I switched the radio on and was horrified to learn of the bombing in Oslo and the shooting of many young people in Utøya. I can do nothing other than send my sympathy to those involved and hope that such a terrible event does not cause the government to change the open and involved society that exists in Norway or cause the people to lose their trust in each other.  There will always be those in society who do not feel part of the mainstream and who develop resentment against the government, and they should have the right to protest and to express their views but I  can think of no justification for the violence shown yesterday by one man against so many innocent people.


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