Summer Holiday

One week of the summer holidays gone already (why does time off work go so much faster than the same amount of time before a holiday?) and what have we done? Well the dogs have coughed and wheezed their way through the days, Skye has a definite case of gate-fever and has taken to standing at the front window with a wistful stare at “The Outside World”, Nino has reserved his space on the sofa! A bit of light relief was offered on Thursday when some friends and assorted small children came round, friends to chat, knit, drink coffee and  eat cake, the children came to play, make lots of noise and eat cake. Skye is very enthusiastic about small people and would love to play and run around with them but at 5 months she is the size of a small wolf and very boisterous so for everyone’s peace of mind she played in the garden while they played indoors and then we swapped over. She spent much of her time peering over the stable door in the kitchen or the baby gate while the little ones screamed in mock terror but the morning took it’s toll and within a very short time after they left both dogs were fast asleep.

I have spent the time between administering antibiotics to dogs sorting out the work list … the kitchen units are being made and will be fitted in early October, the plumber has been to advise on the new boiler and radiators, I have chosen a wood burning stove for the living room to replace the awful smelly gas-coal effect monstrosity in there now, the Ruby is booked in to Jason’s for the new wing to be fitted and the respray and plans are being made to replace the wooden garage that is in danger of falling over if we get stormy weather. Each of these plans comes with a list of essential tasks to be done prior to the main event so the new kitchen units mean that the old ones must be removed ( they have an appointment with a sledgehammer) and the electrical wiring behind them sorted out, but first the cupboards have to be emptied and the dishes packed safely away,the plumbing means a lot of mess and disruption as the old heating system and crazy pipe network is removed, ditto the new woodburner, the replacing the garage means emptying the current one first!  So summer is going to be a busy time I think.

In the quiet moments in the week I’ve been persevering with marking out my wholecloth quilt and have finally got the main motif and borders done. The diamond shaped background grid is partially drawn so I should be able to get the layers pinned and tacked together soon. Progress is hampered by the puppy’s interest in anything that doesn’t involve her and her fascination for running into the garden with balls of wool, pieces of fabric etc at every opportunity. I’m enjoying the process very much though, it’s a very peaceful activity, the motifs I’ve chosen are all related to my paternal grandfather so there is the threeleaping salmon motif from his parish at Anstruther Wester in Fife, an anchor to represent his interest in the Lifeboats, a Ships Wheel and a Mariner’s compass to represent his firm sense of direction and steady guidance and shells to represent the Buckie House a house near his church which is covered in shells and of course to represent the nearby beach and seashore where he loved to walk. The wholecloth quilt is a crib size quilt, as I’ve been drawing out the motifs I did begin to think how lovely it would be if the quilt was used by any children my son might have in the future, not that he has any plans in that direction at the moment but I have a large chest of drawers that it can be saved in!


One thought on “Summer Holiday

  1. Tired dogs and renovation plans are a match made in heaven. I can’t wait to see how things develop….and the quilt. Are your grandmotherly plans known in the house?

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