Return of the Polar Dog

Some of you may remember the Polar Dog, a large white German Shepherd that we began fostering in the summer of 2009, we had her for 16 months during which time her original owner said we could keep her than suddenly changed his mind and took her back. I was devastated and could not understand why he had done it, especially as he soon gave her to someone else as he couldn’t look after her …that being the original reason she came to us. This afternoon I got a six word text asking if I wanted her back for good. I’m not sure of the circumstances except that he has been told he can’t keep her in his flat and the options were me or the local dog shelter. With the proviso that I would only have her if it was forever, I agreed and within the hour he arrived. The Polar Dog walked in, wagged her tail, ran into the garden and didn’t look back. When he left she didn’t seem to notice and as I write she, Skye and Nino are asleep, Skye and Nino at either end of the sofa, the Polar Dog between them on the floor. Sorry the photo isn’t wonderful, it was difficult to get the dogs to stay still and my phone does not take very good photos.


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