It never rains…

but it pours and has been doing for days, or so it seems. Mediating between two female German Shepherds is an over-rated occupation and is not improved by not being able to spend as much time outside as usual. To add to the fun we discovered that the Polar Dog is now in season so can’t go out of the garden for a couple of weeks!

A trip to the pet store resulted in the buying of two new Kongs (one for each of the GSDs as we already have a smaller one for Nino), two new balls- the last two footballs having been destroyed by large jaws and teeth, some new treats for rewarding good behaviour, a soft muzzle to prevent bad behaviour by Skye, who likes to settle arguments with her teeth, and a Halti headcollar to try to train the Polar Dog not to walk as though competing in the Iditarod .

I also got a set of hurdles for agility training for Skye but they need to be put up in the garden when the rain stops and the grass dries out a bit.

This morning I took Skye to Lytham for a walk along the front, she loved being out in the rain and wind, barked at seagulls and the few other dogs who were out in the rain. We walked back through the village, good experience walking among people shopping, children on bikes, in prams etc. At one end of the village there is a coffee shop called The Source, The cafe offers tea and coffee free of charge (donations are very welcome but not obligatory) has outside tables for dog walkers and other fresh air fiends and also offers a good big dog bowl of fresh water and a couple of dog biscuits for well behaved dogs! I had a lovely and very welcome hot cup of tea and Skye enjoyed the dog bowl of water and some little bone shaped biscuits. She got a lot of attention from passers by and was even given a dog chew by a lovely elderly lady who said she no longer has a dog but misses treating it and so buys dog chews to give to dogs she meets. Skye behaved very well each time someone approached her and (with a little help from the fact that her lead was being gripped fimly) sat to be spoken to and patted. When we had finished I gave my donation to a man just going into the cafe and asked him to put it in one of the VW Camper Van money boxes. I’m guessing by the surprised look on his face that he wasn’t a regular visitor but he was kind enough to oblige and we continued our walk. By the time we got back to the car we were both in need of the spare towel I keep in the car for such occasions but it was worth getting wet to enjoy the walk.



2 thoughts on “It never rains…

  1. You outdoorsy types astonish me. I’m hunkered down at home, only venturing out when absolutely necessary for visits to grandparents and similarly minded friends who supply delicious home baked scones!
    I’ve not come across The Source before but do feel that I shall have to visit and support them the next time I’m in Lytham. What a splendid ethos they have.

    • Dogs do encourage (nay, force) even the most reluctant owner to be a bit more outdoorsy. I have to admit some days I wish I didn’t have to go out but once I’m out I always feel glad I made the effort. A good coat and a pair of wellies are essential and the thought of a hot cup of tea on our return helps too!

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