Make jam while the sun shines…

Yesterday Skye and I went to the local park in the pouring rain, we were as usual the only ones out and about so she could run free and chase her frisbee and roll in puddles etc to her heart’s delight while I filled a container with ripe blackberries from the brambles growing round the side of the park. After about an hour I had a large sandwich box full of beautiful berries and we returned home to get warm and dry.

This morning I began making bramble (blackberry) and apple jelly only to remember that I have no jelly bag and having decided to order one last year had done nothing about it. So I made bramble and apple jam instead and while it cooled ordered a jelly bag and stand from the Jam Jar Shop. There will be more brambles in a few days as there were a lot of almost ripe ones so by the time my jelly bag arrives I will be ready to make some more.

Just as I washed the maslin pan and utensils a friend called to say she had been picking Victoria Plums and would I like some… to which of course I replied yes please! I need to buy some more jam sugar then I can make some plum and vanilla jam tomorrow. When she called to bring the plums we tested the bramble and apple jam on some freshly made scones …mmm.


3 thoughts on “Make jam while the sun shines…

  1. Yes, the bramble and apple jam was very yummy !! …and I got to bring a jar home …. lucky me !
    Of course I’ll have to go round to test the plum jam too,…. for purely scientific reasons, ( … cough….. ) ;).

  2. My scientific education is severely lacking. My husband tells me so! Can I join the experiment too?


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