Busy days, quiet nights

It’s been a lovely day, after an early morning walk with Skye I had breakfast and made a new batch of scones. My aunt came down from Dumfries to visit and we spent the day chatting, playing with the dogs and enjoying scones and jam. This evening she left to go and see my sister and we settled down to enjoy a quiet evening at home. It’s wet and chilly outside but here in the sitting room it is warm and comfortable,  Grieg is playing on the stereo, I have a good book to read, Sea Change by Mairi Hedderwick, author of the Katie Morag books, (http://www.booksfromscotland.com/Authors/Mairi-Hedderwick), some knitting to do and I can hear my son pottering in the garage fixing his motorbike. The dogs are content, Nino lying on his chair looking all of his 15 years, happy as a clam (are clams happy…and how do we know?) as he has just had his evening drink of goats milk. Skye is snuffling about at my feet in the hope that I will forget her and slip my feet out of my slippers which she will then run away with and over on the long sofa Tilly, the beautiful Polar Dog is sound asleep. She’s had a good day today, when we took Skye to the park earlier she stayed at home and didn’t howl or bark or try to scratch her way through the kitchen door. She relaxed and chewed the Kong stuffed with biscuits and peanut butter I’d left for her. When we returned she greeted us happily without the look of barely controlled terror in her eyes that has been lurking there each time she was left alone since we got her back. Progress is being made, slowly but surely.


3 thoughts on “Busy days, quiet nights

  1. Poor Tilly….she must be finally realising she’s not going anywhere ever again.
    It sounds like the perfect evening.

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