Jammy, jammy, jammy.

I need to stay in today to wait for a parcel so I’m jam making again. Yesterday I stopped at a table by the roadside with damsons for sale £1 a bag each bag containing roughly 2lbs of beautiful damsons. When we went to the park I picked more brambles and some elderberries and at knitting I was given some lovely apples so today I have made 12 jars of damson jam, simmered the apples and brambles and they are dripping through the jelly bag so I will be able to make Apple and Bramble Jelly later on and frozen the elderberries in the hope that I will find more to make Elderberry jelly with soon. the kitchen smells lovely, a very autumnal cosy smell of fruit and sugar. The new jam jars are so pretty with their red and white polka dot lids and matching labels and the jelly bag and stand are perfect despite the fact that the stand is just slightly too narrow for the deep bowl to go underneath so I’m having to use a pan instead.  Just noticed that the label on the jar to the left of the photo is decidedly squint and the one to the right isn’t much better! Oh well, a squint label is better than no label at all.


2 thoughts on “Jammy, jammy, jammy.

  1. The label may be squint but the handwriting is, as always, simply beautiful. I suspect the jam will be equally so. Dave is thrilled with our damsons and has nominated them for gin. With our household I suspect this is rather a splendid idea!

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