The Puppy Foundation Assessment

Skye is an official holder of the above certificate in the Kennel Club’s Good Citizen Scheme. Frankly on her performance yesterday she’s lucky to have got it but she does know when to do as she’s told and can do all the required activities if she’s in the mood. Last night she added a new trick to her repetoire namely pulling her owner off a chair on to the floor by suddenly taking it into her head to lunge across the room at another dog who happened to have a squeaky toy that she wanted! My knees are still sore.She is learning to walk better on a lead, not because of her dog training or due to any of the methods and equipment commonly available (most of which we have tried with spectacular failure) but thanks to a super little book called “Help my dog pulls what can I do?” by Turid Rugaas and the excellent Haqihana harness.  I bought both harness and book for Tilly as she is convinced we are competing in the Iditarod and I find it difficult to hold her. Having struggled to get Skye to walk sensibly since she had kennel cough and had to stay in for two weeks I thought I’d try the harness on her too. She loved it and walked so much better that the walk was actually enjoyable rather than the endurance test it’s been lately.  Tilly is doing well with the harness too, except when we see the park when all restraint flies out of the window and she turns into a crazy dog again until she is through the gates then she’s fine. I may well be sending for a second harness if they both get to a point when I can walk them together.

On the jam making front I made some apple and bramble jelly this morning, I don’t think I added enough water when simmering the fruit so there wasn’t much juice. I got 3 jars of jelly though and it smells wonderful. I recieved a message from a friend this afternoon asking if I could use some damsons and was given a bag with almost 9lbs of damsons in it this evening. A third of them are in the jelly bag now to make Damson Jelly tomorrow, the remaining 6lb are bagged up ready to give to a couple of other jam making friends because I’m running out of jars. I think jam making is quite addictive!


2 thoughts on “The Puppy Foundation Assessment

  1. I am thinking of purchasing these harnesses for my dogs and was curious as to your opinion. They are expensive but like the idea that they are further back and not right behind their legs.

    • I like the harnesses very much, they don’t stop the pulling but do encourage the dog to walk alongside you and do stop the choking caused by pulling on a lead attached to a collar. Certainly worth a try!

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