Progress of sorts…

Our old wooden garage was demolished this week, the walls were rotting and the roof had a distinct dip where the joists were failing so it had to go. It took my son and one of his friends a couple of hours to completely demolish it and we filled two skips to go to the recycling plant. The garden looks huge without the garage, it’s as well that the new garage is already ordered as I’d be very tempted to plant a few fruit trees to supply the fruit for future jam making. The garage will be delivered a little later than originally planned as the bad weather has meant that garages due to be built last week had to be delayed but it gives us time to paint the back fence and prune the old lilac tree. I’d hoped to do some painting today but the rain put a stop to that.I ended up doing some replacement baking, I’d made coffee buns yesterday but in the few moments it took for me to answer the door this morning Skye managed to open the cake box and eat the lot. Not surprisingly the combination of sugar and coffee (Camp Coffee fortunately which doesn’t contain as much caffeine) resulted in one very active puppy this afternoon until the inevitable slump!

One minute she was sitting on the sofa wide awake, the next her feet slipped over the edge and she was fast asleep with her head on the table.

The fresh baking is now carefully stored in the dining room out of reach of hungry puppies and we spent a happy time this evening watching the sheepdog trials on TV, both Skye and Tilly were very interested in the sheep and all the whistling.


4 thoughts on “Progress of sorts…

  1. Sweet, funny tired pup! I’ve been searching for Elderberries to make jam here in Nebraska. Do you have these in England? My girlfriend has had good luck finding them and making all kinds of goodies. I’m sure you will enjoy the new garage. Thank goodness for family to help with these things! 🙂

  2. We do have elderberries and I have picked a few to add to jam, usually a mixed concoction of elderberries, brambles and apples …basically whatever I can find when I’m walking the dog. One of my friends made a foragers’ pie the other week with apples, damsons, brambles and elderberries.

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