Sunny Sunday

After a rainy summer a sunny Sunday is a treat to enjoy and enjoy it we did. In the morning I took both of the big dogs to Lytham to Lowther Gardens, a lovely park where the dogs can run free.

Getting from the car into the park was no picnic, two strong excitable german shepherds both determined to be the leader of the husky trail and barking with the sheer joy of being near one of their favourite parks are no joke to walk! Once in the park and off lead they were so happy and played so well together chasing each other round the trees and up and down the paths. Their recall was excellent despite the distractions of other dogs and small children. Our only minor hiccup was a small boy riding a bike who decided it was fun to throw pine cones at the dogs and whose grandfather didn’t seem to think it was a problem. Skye and Tilly were very good and although slightly confused by this unwanted attention behaved well. It could have turned out so differently though, I do worry about people who allow their small children to taunt dogs.

In the afternoon I took advantage of the sunshine to begin painting the back fence. Due to my three willing helpers (Nino, Skye and Tilly were all keen to be involved) I only managed to paint the top half as I didn’t want to end up with three forest green dogs! The remaining bits of wood and roofing felt that didn’t fit into the skips are a bit too tempting for Skye so I spent a bit of time removing unsuitable objects from her grasp before I thought to give her one of the wobbly toys full of little biscuits to roll around on the grass. Tilly was quite happy to run around in the garden once she realised she wasn’t going to get anywhere near the paint and Nino wandered down to the back gate to watch the world go by.

I’ve a busy week ahead and I’m hoping for some more sunshine as I’m teaching the Cycle Safety course at school to our year 6 children (10-11 year olds). The children completed their written assessments for the first part of the course last week and I marked them over the weekend….most were very good but the main error was interesting.Eight of the eleven children thought that the above sign meant “beware of bicycles”, I hope this is not a warning of what their cycling will be like this week!



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