Almost ready

he kitchen is bare… the cupboards have gone, the worktops have gone, the Everhot is due to be turned off after we’ve had our evening cup of tea and the dogs are very confused. Dan the kitchen builder is due to arrive at 9.30am so I will have time to take Tilly and Skye to daycare first. Amazingly when we removed the cupboards there was plaster on the walls behind them and no trailing wires or live gas pipes to contend with as there were when we removed the last lot of built in cupboards. There was  half a packet of elderly Refreshers sweets, a few spiders and quite a bit of dust. The hardest part so far has been emptying all the stuff out of the cupboards and coming to terms with the fact that I hoard a lot of junk. Why did I have each years’ TV licence from the time we moved here, neatly stacked in a cupboard? What use are plastic cycle bottles which long ago lost their lids? The new kitchen is a good time to weed out the rubbish and concentrate on following the advice of William Morris “Keep only those things in your home that you know to be useful or consider to be beautiful.”

The garage is still an ongoing saga, the fitters are returning on Friday to make yet another attempt to get it right but I’m not holding my breath.

And the plumber is delayed so won’t be starting on Tuesday but I am quite thankful for that as it will give us time to put the kitchen stuff back in place and have a rest before the next upheaval.


2 thoughts on “Almost ready

  1. I have been going through a fall housekeeping obsession myself. There is something so satisfying about cleaning out a lot of junk.

  2. Don’t eat the Refreshers! I think they may be anything but. Very excited and not a little envious of your impending new kitchen. Can’t wait to see it. Let’s hope it goes more smoothly than the wretched garage!

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