Kitchen news

The beautiful Olive Branch kitchen is installed, you will have to wait for proper photos as there are some details to finish … a bit of wallpapering, the flooring and wall tiles to install, ten more door handles to fix on and the stuff to be replaced in its new places. I am strangely reticent to fill the cupboards, but am gradually putting a few things back as we use them. The oak worktops need to have FIVE coats of Danish oil and need to dry for 12-24 hours between each one so at the moment we only have a very small area on top of the old fridge which is usuable as a worktop. I love all the little details, the “wee shelves” under the wall cupboards which are just big enough for jars of jam or my collection of little Buchan Stoneware pots, the different height worktops for different areas (not shown in the photos here) and the little space for the towels, trays and milk bottle holders. Dan the designer at The Olive Branch is very talented and he and his team are excellent workmen. They worked all day from 9-6 singing along to the radio and chatting amongst themselves. They altered the cupboards and worktops to accomodate the wonky walls and even re-routed the wiring and sockets to enable the fridge and dishwasher to be fitted more efficiently. They tidied up as they went along and vaccuumed all the woodshavings and sawdust up from the garage before they left. Tilly and Skye went to daycare for the day but Nino pottered in and out as they worked and they always had a little chat with him or stroked him as he wandered about- he’s been very confused by all the changes so their kindness to him was much appreciated.

I couldn’t wait to turn the Everhot back on and within a couple of hours the kitchen began to feel warm and cosy again.


2 thoughts on “Kitchen news

  1. My, oh my,… looks absolutely wonderful ! When the tiles and floor are all in it is going to look amazing. Tea and scones will taste even better in this lovely room 🙂

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