A night on the tiles…

well a day really. I went to look at tiles for the kitchen today, what a wealth of choice there is. After a while I was definitely getting tile fatigue and decided to go for a little drive to clear my head and enjoy the sunshine. Driving north thinking I would have a look at Fired Earth in Lancaster, I passed Rockform, a tile, stone flooring and paint shop, and on impulse called in. The shopkeeper was most helpful and suggested I take a sample block painted in the colour of the kitchen through to the tile room and see what looked good beside it. The first selection of tiles really appealed to me, and when I looked at the labels on the reverse I could see why… Vintage Tulle, Vintage Organza and Vintage Silk were the names, perfect for someone who loves vintage fabrics. I was able to bring the tiles home and having looked at them in situ have decided on Vintage Silk which has a greyish white base colour with pale blue mixed into it and a crackle glaze. They are plain but not too plain and are rectangular, brick shaped tiles. They are traditionally made by a company called Marlborough who also make beautiful hand painted tiles, the Coast bathroom tiles they produce are so attractive I am almost tempted to retile the bathroom!

As promised I have been sorting out the contents of the old kitchen and deciding what to keep and what to remove. The local charity shop has benefited from this already as I have been strict with myself and having decided something can go I have taken it to them before I have time to change my mind. So far I’ve taken two boxes of china and a shopping bag full of odds and ends.


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