One step forward…

After last week’s lament that nothing was happening it’s been a busy and fairly productive week.

Skye is going to be walked once a week every week for 3 months by a friend’s daughter as part of her Duke of Edinburgh Award challenges. Having someone to hold her lead while I walked with Tilly was lovely and although the limp is still there I managed to walk to the park and back without too much discomfort.Skye’s cough and cold have almost gone and she is much happier. Nino is still a confused little chap, he does have odd moments of clarity when his personality shines through and they are very much appreciated, like the sun shining from behind a cloud. I sorted out some photos earlier today and couldn’t help smiling at this one taken last summer


He looks particularly content sitting in the sunshine having his chest rubbed …he is much less sociable these days and rarely wants any sort of contact from either people or dogs.

My Venofer treatment is over for now so my Thursdays will no longer be spent feeling sick, the final treatment was better than the others as the Venofer was run in more slowly and I had worked in the morning so was able to come home and rest.

We have found an alternative tiler who will be putting the tiles on the wall behind the cooker next Saturday.The flooring has finally arrived and will be laid in the kitchen and hall next week. The floors have to be screeded first which will be interesting as the hall and kitchen are the main artery through the house but cannot be walked on for 3-4 hours once the screeding is done.

One roller blind is fitted, the other is a tiny weeny bit too long to fit but my son thinks he can alter the bracket to fit so I am having to be patient.

So the kitchen is getting back on track, I’m looking forward to seeing the tiles in place and having the flooring will be wonderful after weeks of concrete and asphalt.




Since choosing the flooring and tiles for the kitchen, everything seems to be going very slowly and nothing has actually been done for a variety of reasons

1. Skye decided to lunge at a dog she doesn’t like almost pulling me over and in the process I hurt a muscle in my leg. As a result I am limping and get very tired either walking or standing for any length of time. The doctor said it will heal if I rest but the dogs still need to be walked, I still need to go to work etc etc

2.The flooring is delayed, the initial estimate was 1-2 weeks from ordering but it is now 3 weeks and I’ve been told it will be another 10 days or more.

3.No word from the tiler, I’m trying to be patient but two boxes of tiles keep reminding me!

4.Ofsted inspection at school last week put all thoughts of anything other than teaching out of my head.

5.I’ve started my introvenous iron treatment and although the end result of me not being so anaemic will be worth it, at the moment I’m suffering the side effects of having half a pint of iron and sucrose pumped into my right arm every Thursday –  sickness, constant nasty metallic taste and low blood pressure. The first week I was determined to keep going as usual and went to work afterwards and to knitting in the evening and was ill during the night and for the next couple of days. This week I planned to go back to work but felt so sick and dizzy it seemed a better idea to come home and curl up on the sofa.

6. Skye isn’t well, the dogs spent three days at daycare last week because of the inspection at school and on the first day they had no heating there. She was a bit shivery when she came home and by Friday had developed a wheezy and sneezy cold and wants to do nothing but cuddle up and keep warm.

7 Finally poor old Nino’s dementia seems to be accelerating, he is very confused and difficult at times.

The chairs for the dining room arrived on Friday night, as yet unpainted and in need of upholstering but I am looking forward to painting them in a week or so to match the dining table.

I did manage a visit to a wood-burning stove shop yesterday and we have finally decided which stove we would like – the Aga Stretton SE – a woodburning stove which will fit into our existing fireplace which Frank built as a housewarming present when we moved here, it is Defra approved for use in a Smokeless zone and is not too modern looking. I would have liked a Morsø Squirrel stove but would have needed to knock out portions of the fireplace in order to install it. I would love to have the stove fitted before Christmas but I suspect I may have to wait.

Today’s main task has been cleaning the bathroom, when the central heating was installed the old hot water tank in the bathroom was removed and the pipes altered and in the process an awful lot of dust and debris created. I’ve been putting off clearing out the airing cupboard where the tank was as I knew it would be a dirty and dusty task and it was!