Progress at last

The tiling in the kitchen is done…the tiles look lovely just as I had hoped they would …

and the flooring is done, the pale cream wooden plank design is beautiful but very unforgiving to muddy footprints

necessitating lots of mopping – Skye is just checking out the mop bucket in the photo with nino looking on in disgust! The rolls are the left over flooring material waiting to be stored away. We are getting a Turtle Mat for the back door in the hope of absorbing some of the muddy footprints. The flooring extends through to the hallway making the space look so much lighter and brighter.

Although it’s now four days into December I have yet to put up any Advent decorations, Christmas alternately seems a long long time off or approaching rapidly. It is grey and wet outside, not the crisp cold December that I would like at all!

The only preparations I have made so far are the Christmas Cake, which is baked and resting safely in a tin waiting to be decorated, and I have begun painting the Rosen chairs for the dining room, that’s one of them you can see upside down on the kitchen table after a coat of primer. I made an Ebay purchase too of a very pretty Royal Copenhagen Christmas tea set, many years ago I used to visit an elderly couple who had a special Christmas tea set, a Spode one if I remember correctly and I thought it was so delightful to have a set of china just for Christmas but such an extravagance. When I saw one like this (though minus the long plate and bowls) on Ebay I couldn’t resist it – there was a complete dinner service available too but that really would be an extravagance! I can’t wait to use the tea set though.

As yet there is no news of our woodburning stove, it is very unlikely to be fitted by Christmas so I will have to think of a way of making the empty fireplace look less desolate- suggestions welcome!


2 thoughts on “Progress at last

  1. So happy for your progress! Everything just looks lovely. I want to become more of a tea drinker just to have a tea set like that!

  2. I am so coveting your kitchen, and you know I love mine! Those tiles are exquisite. And the flooring really makes a difference to the space. Gorgeous.

    And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with having a tea set just for Christmas…I very nearly succumbed to a Crown Stockholm coffee pot on Saturday but it was very overpriced!

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