End of term.

The Christmas holidays began for me on Thursday after a busy and stressful week. On Monday I had an appointment in the renal clinic, appointment time 9.30am but the clinic was running seriously late. However it was a successful appointment as I spoke first to one of the Pre-dialysis nurses and then to the consultant both of whom were able to offer help with the recurrent sickness/nausea I’ve been experiencing. For the past few months I have felt sick much of the time (not the acute sickness I had after the Venofer treatment just a general daily nausea) but particularly in the morning when I wake which has made having breakfast and taking my medications very difficult at times. Cola helps but I don’t like the taste of it and worry about the effects of drinking cola for breakfast on both my teeth and stomach. so to learn that yes it is a side effect of the worsening renal function but that taking a small white tablet (cyclizine) each night before I go to bed will make it so much better was encouraging. I can take up to three tablets per day but they do make me sleepy so for the moment one at bedtime is fine.

On Wednesday I had an appointment at the cardiac clinic to investigate the continuing angina like pain I get when walking the dogs or doing anything physical like vacuuming. Again the clinic was busy and running late but it was worth the wait. I saw a very helpful doctor who is arranging a nuclear heart scan for me as I cannot have an angiogram,because the dye used might worsen my kidney function further. He was very concerned that the problem should be investigated while keeping me on the kidney transplant list – previously I have been taken off the list while investigations were carried out. I hadn’t realised quite how worried about this I had been until he said that I wouldn’t be suspended from the list and I felt the tension drain away.

Medical appointments completed I felt much more like celebrating Christmas and began putting decorations up in the house though we won’t decorate the tree until nearer to Christmas.

After school finished on Friday (I don’t work on Fridays) I met up with the rest of the staff and we all went out for a Christmas meal at The Walled Garden, at Barton. The meal was beautiful, the vegetarian options were delicious and unusual and everyone enjoyed themselves. The snow had fallen earlier in the day and the walled garden outside the restaurant looked quite magical with it’s sparkling white blanket.

Skye is less than impressed by the snow and very wary of icy pavements but is greatly enjoying watching all the Christmas baking – she loves sitting in the kitchen when I’m cooking,  she follows every move so carefully she makes me smile.


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