Sneaky Santa

I chose my son’s Christmas present a while ago and reserved it online to pick up at a local shop. It is quite large and bulky and a very easily identifiable shape so I needed to leave it until close to Christmas to keep it a secret. I had planned to pick it up this afternoon in the belief that he would be out but he didn’t need to go out after all. I needed to pick it up by 6pm today or it would go back on the shelf so I said I needed to get food shopping and set off to town. Arrived at the shop to find I’d left my purse at home, drove home and son kindly offered to get the shopping for me but I muttered something about wanting to choose crackers and set off again. Back to the shop, bought the present and put it right at the back of the car boot, went to get some shopping and went home. Persuaded son to stay in the house, not to come and carry shopping in, chased Nino down the road when he escaped, hoping that neither my son or any passing opportunist would notice the open car boot and investigate. Finally he popped out briefly this evening and I was able to smuggle it inside, wrap it up and cover it in a big toyshop bag so that if he does spot the large parcel he will hopefully think it contains toys for a friend’s children.

The whole episode made me laugh, reminded me of buying him a tricycle when he was little and having to hide that until Father Christmas came. At least then I knew he’d be in bed in the evening while I smuggled presents in and wrapped them.




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