Yesterday was a strange day, I don’t drink so I didn’t wake up with a hangover but I certainly felt as though I had one. I just wanted to curl up on the sofa under a blanket – not much of an option with three dogs who want to be fed, walked and entertained! I did all the above in short bursts, retreating to the sofa in between feeling decidedly miserable.

Today I feel much better, and have achieved some of what I planned to do yesterday. My plans for the new year centre mainly on sorting out the amount of “stuff” we have collected in the years we’ve lived here. When we moved in we had the basics (well I had no bed and slept on the floor for a while but we had most of what we needed) and little else. The house seemed spacious and it was easy to keep tidy. Over the years we have aquired lots of stuff, teachers are terrible hoarders as they always thing they could use that box, tube, fabric, yarn, stack of old Christmas cards etc at school and they collect books too. Running an old car and an old motor bike (my son’s) means acquiring a selection of  spare parts which may come in useful one day and hobbies like sewing and knitting add another layer of useful bits and pieces. As a result each year at Christmas when we need to clear the spare room for visitors and tidy up the rest of the house a terrible merry go round begins, shifting boxes and boxes from one place to another trying to find a space to store it out of sight for a while. This year it seemed to be more difficult than ever and I felt very irritated with myself for having filled every available space with clutter.

So 2012 is going to be the year that we sort it all out, decide what we really need to keep and what can be sent to the charity shop, recycled or thrown away. We are fortunate to have most of our recycling collected once a fortnight but for the last few months the recycling boxes have been full of work stuff which I needed to clear out of the old garage when the new one was being built and haven’t got round to sorting it all out. So our recycling has been put into carrier bags and left in the garage. Today I sorted all the paper, cardboard, plastic and glass and went up to the recycling centre and posted it all into the correct bins and boxes. The house looks better already as I collected up all the newspapers and Christmas wrapping paper as well, I usually save the wrapping paper thinking it will be useful for school and then forget about it until we break up for the Christmas holidays when I’m putting up our decorations!

After that I made some replacement cushion covers – just plain cream calico as Skye had torn the other cream covers, she seems to have a fascination for zips and chews them so these ones are pillowcase style.

The dog food has been stored in the kitchen over Christmas as there was a heap of recycling stuff in it’s normal place on top of the tumble drier. Once the recycling was sorted there was space to store all the dog food and treats which has the added advantage that they don’t try to help themselves as it is out of sight.

Over the last few days I have been looking at my collection of Aluminia plaquettes – little plates with Danish scenes painted on them as I was given a couple of new ones and was checking to see if I already had them. There are roughly 100 in the series and I have collected 48 different ones. I like them but have nowhere to display them all so they generally live in a drawer and I have a small selection (3) hanging by my bed. Seeing them all arranged on the table made me think how ridiculous it is to have so many so I plan to choose my favourites and sell the others.

The same applies to my collection of fabric, I am going to make a list of what I want to make and what I will need to make it with …and then the rest must go. I love fabric and have a terrible habit of buying it if I see something unusual. I don’t sew as much as I did when my son was younger when I made costumes for school productions so over the years it has just accumulated in cupboards.

The book shelves are overflowing so they will need to be sorted and thinned out – that will be difficult as I like to re-read books but I’m tired of the heaps of books all over the house. The other option is to get bookshelves built into the alcoves in the sitting room from floor to ceiling as our one existing bookcase isn’t big enough.

I’m going to set myself small challenges each week as the thought of sorting it all out is quite daunting. This week’s challenge is to take down the Christmas decorations and empty a space for everything to be stored together, lights, tree decorations, unused cards and wrapping and of course the Christmas tea-set. That means emptying one of the fabric cupboards …I’d better get on with that!


2 thoughts on “2012

  1. It is such a relief to hear that other people have houses like mine!
    I pick away at the heaps little by little and sometimes they get me down… but I am determined to defeat them this year!
    Bookshelves would definitely help. I don’t know why I have never invested in them considering how much I love reading!
    Good luck!

    • I come from a family of “heap” owners, one of my uncles had National Geographic magazines in five foot high heaps all over his study… as a child I took my life in my hands whenever I ventured in there!

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