Spring Cleaning

True it isn’t spring yet, despite a couple of quite sunny days this week, but spring cleaning and clearing out has begun in earnest in this house. The electrical problems mean that we need to take up the floor in my son’s room to get at the faulty wiring in the dining room. That means emptying the bedroom – which is full to bursting anyway. The big plan is for my son to move into the spare room temporarily which means dismantling the spare bed, matching under-bed drawers and sewing furniture – desk, drawers and shelves- to put his wardrobe and chest of drawers in there. We are going to buy him a new bed so his bed will become the spare room guest bed which left a single bed spare, not to mention a lot of IKEA shelving and a bench seat with storage in the base. A note on our local knitting group board has resulted in prospective new owners for all . It was a week for clearing out and swapping of possessions at the knitting group, bags and boxes were transferred from car to car and everyone went home either the proud owner of something they wanted or the happy owner of a little bit more space in their house.

Some of the cleaning has been less successful, I spent Thursday morning changing the covers on the sofa and cleaning the kitchen floor. This morning it was raining, the dogs went out into the garden and brought enough mud in to cover both floor and sofa in large muddy pawprints. I can’t wait for some good dry weather, enough to allow the garden to dry out. I need to work out a way of draining the garden before next winter as it has been so wet this year that the lawn and borders have not had chance to dry out since last winter!



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