A place for everything, everything in its place…

Many years ago I went to Denmark as an au-pair, I worked in a beautiful house in Kongens Lyngby. The owners were fairly well off, the husband owned his own company and worked long hours. His wife stayed at home, the children were grown up and lived away from home but they liked to have an au-pair to do light housework, help with cooking and do the shopping. To occupy herself she did a lot of beautiful embroidery and tapestry and introduced me to the Eva Rosenstand and Clara Waever embroidery shop. I bought a small bellpull kit with a design of birds and plants to be embroidered on linen. When we returned to the house she showed me her embroidery supplies which lived in a beautiful sewing table. The table was coffee table height, had a drawer to hold thread, scissors and needles and a basket below to hold work in progress. I loved the table and in the years since then have often looked for a similar one. I have seen many over the years, either in very poor condition or in good condition but with a ridiculous price tag attached, then a couple of weeks ago I began watching one on a Scandinavian auction site, the price kept climbing and the shipping cost was prohibitive but the website gave me some more information about the table. It was designed in 1950 by Hans Wegner and made by a company called Andreas Tuck. Armed with this new information I did a websearch and found some images of the table. One of the images was on a website offering props for hire to theatrical companies so on an off chance I phoned the owner and asked if he’d consider selling the table. He said he had planned to keep it but would sell it if I was interested in it.He was coming up to a family occasion in Cumbria this weekend and could deliver it too. So this afternoon I became the very happy owner of a Hans Wegner AT33 Sy-bord (sewing-table). I am having to be patient and not fill it with lovely sewing things until I find an appropriate place for it to live but I am delighted to think that my knitting will soon be safe from puppy games and my hand sewing supplies will be neatly arranged and near at hand. I may even take up hand embroidery again!


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