Growing old gracefully

Nino and I went to visit Karen, our lovely vet, today to ask her advice about his increasing dementia. He is fifteen years old, virtually deaf in both ears, his sight is now little more than light and shade, he has a heart murmur, Cushings disease and is very very confused. I had talked over the possibility that he might be reaching the point that his quality of life was suffering ,with my son and we had agreed to see what the vet thought we should do next to make his remaining years as good as possible. Karen helped me to fill out a questionaire to assess his various difficulties and having looked at it has prescribed Selgian – which should ease his confusion and help him relax. Nino was his usual stoical self at the vets and stood on the examining table looking like a small haystack on legs. He enjoyed the car ride and was very interested in the field of sheep beside the vets (his sense of smell is excellent), all the excitement tired him out so he had a good sleep when we got home. He is to try the medication for a month and then we will review the situation. In the meantime we are also giving him Manuka honey (very good for general health and he loves it) and have been advised to take him on short walks or car rides each day and to play simple games with him to stimulate his brain. We played hunt the banana chips this afternoon – he was very good at this game and wagged his tail a lot! Tilly is taking responsibility for getting him inside when he gets lost in the garden and does a fine job of  trying to herd him back to the door …he’s not always very compliant but I’m sure she will master the challenge.


One thought on “Growing old gracefully

  1. Bless his little fuzzy eyebrows. I’m so glad that Karen has prescribed something for him. He’s such a poppet. Hugs from us. xx

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