Home sweet home

We’ve spent more time than usual at home recently, Skye may well be having her first season (it is difficult to be absolutely sure)but Tilly is definitely in season so there can be no mornings playing off lead in the park and no visits to doggy daycare. Since Tilly can jump almost any fence, even time in the garden must be supervised carefully and walks are planned for late evening when hopefully we meet few other dogs.

Both of the big dogs are therefore full of energy and need to be kept occupied as idle paws soon get into mischief. Skye managed to destroy my reading glasses in the time it took me to pay the window-cleaner on Monday and yesterday morning opened a cake tin and devoured about a quarter of a cake while I cleaned my teeth! I thought cake tins were pretty safe but she knocked it off the worktop and the lid flew off when it landed. Tilly meanwhile stole some bread one afternoon while I was at work and as it contains wheat suffered the consequences for a few days with a sore tummy.

Nino is improving a little, I think his pills are having an effect as he seems more alert and less confused than he was and is beginning to sleep a little better…hooray for that!

The spare bedroom is now empty, awaiting my son to move his bedroom furniture in there while his floor is removed to allow the rewiring of the dining room. It is a slow process as he is usually either working or socialising or mending his bike.  Once all the old furniture was removed I could still see the outline of the landscape scenery that was painted on the walls when we first moved here and it was a bedroom for a small boy. It has had a few coats of paint since then but you can still see the faint outline of the sea and sky. He loved that room and his sailing boat curtains and quilt but eventually of course grew out of both the room and the design so moved into the other bedroom. Once his room is rewired we will redecorate it as he’s outgrown the teenage colour scheme and replace some of the furniture and the carpet and then I can redecorate the spare room and transform it back to being a guest bedroom and sewing space. A good excuse to get out all the colour charts and enjoy the planning stage before the hard work begins!


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