The log store.

When we got the log burning stove we bought a large quantity of logs, they were delivered onto the drive and lacking a proper wood store we put them into the garage until a store could be built. It wasn’t ideal as the garage is slightly damp and lacks a good air flow so the logs were too damp to burn well. After a bit of discussion about building a logstore from old pallets we decided to make life simpler and order a kit. On Sunday as the weather was mild I decided it was definitely log-store day so my son and I had a very enjoyable afternoon building it. His woodworking skills have improved a great deal since the time he decided to practice using a drill on the dining room table and drilled through the piece of wood he was drilling, the wooden board protecting the table top and the table top itself!  By the time we finished, it wasn’t difficult just very heavy, and the dogs had inspected it and accepted the news that it wasn’t a “wee hoose” for them we came indoors for a much needed cup of tea and after that it was a bit dark to start transferring all the logs. So before work each day this week I have dutifully moved a few armfulls and I completed the job this afternoon. It is now full to the roof and there are still two shelving units full of logs in the garage…I may have over ordered slightly!



One thought on “The log store.

  1. You are now ready for whatever the weather throws at you. What’s it they say about March…in like a lamb, out like a lion? This is a very pretty little wood store, too, btw!

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