A new challenge

A visit to the renal department this morning has provided me with a new challenge, my phosphorus and PTH levels have risen somewhat alarmingly recently so I need to alter my diet and change, or rather add some new, pills. For many years I have not eaten meat as a vegetarian diet slows down the degenerative renal disease I have. I obtain most of my protein from dairy products- milk, cheese, yoghurt etc. Today’s news was that I need to cut down on dairy products quite drastically which doesn’t leave a lot of choice. I do have a diet book but the idea of eating tofu and seitan does not appeal so I’m going to have to be creative with fruit, vegetables and pulses. My son treated me to a very tasty vegetarian curry yesterday for Mother’s Day and there was enough left for tonight’s meal too. An evening spent looking at recipe books and researching on the internet has given me a few ideas and I will get an appointment with a renal dietician to help me plan ….the good news is that I can eat cake providing it is low in dairy products and it is almost berry season so I have a good excuse to eat bowls of strawberries!


2 thoughts on “A new challenge

  1. Oh Sweetie, that’s just too grim. I’m wary of any food that sounds like a science project and tofu is not something that I will intentionally eat ever again!
    However, I’m fairly sure that Angel Food Cake will fall into your diet and that’s simply delicious with strawberries. A small consolation.
    Feel well. xxx

    • Me too, if it doesn’t look like food or taste like food then I don’t care how nutricious it is I’d rather not, thank you! Still no word from the dietician- maybe I’m supposed to carry on as I was or stop eating until I get an appointment.

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