All I want for Christmas…

well actually I’d like it much sooner but I’m going to have to save up!

Many years ago when I worked as an au-pair I used an Ankarsrum Assistent food mixer and loved it. It was cream and stainless steel and looked somewhat industrial but very attractive and made wonderful bread and cakes and meringues.

Recently I have been looking at food mixers and was hunting for prices on the Internet for Kenwood Chefs and K-Mix mixers when I found a reference to the Assistent. I followed it up and discovered that they are now sold in UK and also that they come in an array of lovely colours including Pearl Blue (as shown above) which would look lovely in my blue kitchen! Having cast aspersions on the price of KitchenAid mixers I am now having to eat my words as the Assistant is even more expensive and I will have to start saving all my pennies (and pounds) in the Assistent fund.



One thought on “All I want for Christmas…

  1. Ooooh it’ll be worth it. Think of the bread you can make in a flash! Think how pretty it will look in your kitchen! I such an enabler!

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