Back to the sewing machine

 After way too long, I feel like sewing. I sorted and cleared out much of my fabric hoard a couple of months ago and vowed to sort out my remaining stock before buying another piece of fabric. A sudden and very welcome spell of warm weather made me realise how bare my wardrobe is of suitable summer garments. I feel the cold even on sunny days so my collection of Norgaard long sleeved t-shirts are still very useful. If it gets hotter I will need some short sleeved tops and I need a couple of skirts and dresses. I particularly like this Vogue dress and have some black linen just waiting to be used. My first project though is going to be a denim skirt. I have a pattern, I have some denim and somewhere I’m sure I have a zip and a jeans button so next week should see me sewing a nice new skirt!






2 thoughts on “Back to the sewing machine

  1. Yay for sewing! I love that dress. Although the way the wind is howling tonight you may need a cardi to go with it.

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