The pyjama pattern arrives

While a few knitting friends and I sat drinking tea and eating scones, the postie arrived with my vintage pyjama pattern. I can’t decide whether to make this in some of the linen or to make it in something silkier. It would look rather lovely in the pale blue linen with some white lace on the front seams of the jacket and on the sleeves. I love the shape of the trousers, in the right fabric they would make beautiful evening trousers too.


Even more tulips

When Nino and I had a little walk last week we called at the local flower shop (by local I mean across the road, Nino doesn’t walk far these days but still enjoys a little outing) and chose some fresh flowers for the house. I did look at other flowers but the tulips came home with us. The local shop gets fresh flowers delivered from Holland at least twice a week so they are fresh and always beautiful. There were lots of tulips, pink, white, yellow and red and then there were some peony tulips, not the pretty pale pink like I had a week or two ago but a deep cerise pink with multiple heads on each stem.

As the petals opened I realised that the insides are yellow at the base with purple stamens. They are fabulous, so bright and colourful. I defy anyone not to feel more cheerful when they see them.


I woke up this morning with a great desire for aebleskiver, a Danish spherical pancake-like creation which can contain roasted apple slices or can be eaten with apple jelly and sprinkled with icing sugar. They are cooked in a special pan, cast iron with seven or nine semi-spherical depressions to produce the shape correctly. The other essential piece of equipment is a (metal) knitting needle for turning the aebleskiver to enable it to brown on all sides. I think it was the novelty of seeing something being turned with a knitting needle that first fascinated me when I saw them being cooked. My aebleskiver pan came with two recipes, the one I normally make requires buttermilk which I hadn’t got but the other is made with ordinary milk so I thought I’d give it a try. The batter contains eggs, milk, sugar, yeast, flour and melted butter flavoured with lemon juice or vanilla. I used quick acting yeast as I didn’t have any fresh yeast. The mixture rose beautifully and made perfect aebleskiver balls but the taste was very disappointing. The yeast flavour was more dominant than usual and the texture was too spongey. I much prefer the buttermilk version I usually make. Still the roasted apple slices were delicious so it wasn’t a total fail.

pyjama party part 2


I spotted this pattern on ebay the other day, I love the style of the jacket. Isn’t it elegant? I’m not sure how comfortable the large bow at the back would be to sleep on but it would be great for swanning around in the morning though – just the outfit to get the milk in from the doorstep! Perhaps made in crepe-de-chine or polka dot silk.

I’m planning something a little plainer for my pyjamas though. I looked around for suitable linen, soft and fine but retaining some modesty and found some wonderful linen in either white or pale blue at After spending a while debating with myself which colour I’d like I decided that I’d order some of each and make the white into pyjamas and the pale blue into a blouse or dress.

I also ordered the Vogue sundress pattern V8788 and some red and white spotted cotton from Clothspot

Now all I need is the motivation and space to get sewing! The back bedroom is 3/4 painted and will I hope be finished this weekend. Once that is done and a new bed ordered and delivered my son will be able to move back into his room and I will get the spare room/sewing room back. In the meantime gathering the fabric, patterns and threads etc will give me a headstart when I have space to sew again.

Tulips tulips and more tulips!

I started today full of good intentions, I was going to weed the front garden borders and trim the Michaelmas daisies and hydrangea of last year’s faded stems and blossoms. The weather wasn’t very co-operative but I did get the old growth cut down and weeded a tiny bit of border in between hailstones and rain. By the time I’d done that I was wet and cold so this afternoon I escaped for a wee while at the nursery

and …they had tulips, not bulbs as it’s way too late to be planting tulip bulbs but plants in pots, almost in flower. I couldn’t resist and came away with a few more than is probably good for me and a big bag of compost. I will plant them in the tubs for this year and hopefully having got the borders weeded by October will then re-plant them in the front garden.










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Pyjama party

Karen at is hosting a pyjama sew-a-long. I have wanted a pair of linen pyjamas for ages and this is just the encouragement I need to make a pair. I have a couple of possible patterns in mind, one from ZigZag the Husqvarna sweing magazine (no longer in production) and one from the Haslam System of Dresscutting booklets.

Happy Easter

It has been a quiet and very enjoyable Easter, I got some beautiful pink tulips from my son, they have quite small heads but are peony flower tulips, very pretty pale pink and white with yellow centres. I do love tulips and plan to plant some more in the front garden later this year when I get the borders sorted out.  The ones I used to have in the back garden have been so trampled by the dogs that they have not flowered this year or have disappeared entirely. My Easter baking plans were thwarted by forgetting to buy any caster sugar so the planned Easter buns haven’t been made yet.  We did enjoy some very tasty hot cross buns from a local bakery and today I made my son (and the three dogs) very happy by making him a full roast dinner. Easter adverts on TV recently have kept showing roast dinners with Yorkshire puddings and we both thought they looked delicious. It is a long time since I last made Yorkshire puddings (I made them with Oatley milk and have saved some of the batter to make pancakes tomorrow) and I was very happy with the way they turned out. I had Yorkshire pudding, vegetarian gravy and lots of vegetables, son and dogs had roast beef, gravy, etc.  I do not like any of the substitute milks in tea but have used both Rice Dream and Oatley to cook with and have enjoyed the results. I haven’t had an appointment with the renal dietician yet so I’m still making up my diet from information gleaned from the Internet and a couple of cookbooks.