Happy Easter

It has been a quiet and very enjoyable Easter, I got some beautiful pink tulips from my son, they have quite small heads but are peony flower tulips, very pretty pale pink and white with yellow centres. I do love tulips and plan to plant some more in the front garden later this year when I get the borders sorted out.  The ones I used to have in the back garden have been so trampled by the dogs that they have not flowered this year or have disappeared entirely. My Easter baking plans were thwarted by forgetting to buy any caster sugar so the planned Easter buns haven’t been made yet.  We did enjoy some very tasty hot cross buns from a local bakery and today I made my son (and the three dogs) very happy by making him a full roast dinner. Easter adverts on TV recently have kept showing roast dinners with Yorkshire puddings and we both thought they looked delicious. It is a long time since I last made Yorkshire puddings (I made them with Oatley milk and have saved some of the batter to make pancakes tomorrow) and I was very happy with the way they turned out. I had Yorkshire pudding, vegetarian gravy and lots of vegetables, son and dogs had roast beef, gravy, etc.  I do not like any of the substitute milks in tea but have used both Rice Dream and Oatley to cook with and have enjoyed the results. I haven’t had an appointment with the renal dietician yet so I’m still making up my diet from information gleaned from the Internet and a couple of cookbooks.


One thought on “Happy Easter

  1. Peony tulips? Who knew? They are stunning (peonies and tulips being two of my favorite flowers). Glad you had a lovely Easter.

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