Tulips tulips and more tulips!

I started today full of good intentions, I was going to weed the front garden borders and trim the Michaelmas daisies and hydrangea of last year’s faded stems and blossoms. The weather wasn’t very co-operative but I did get the old growth cut down and weeded a tiny bit of border in between hailstones and rain. By the time I’d done that I was wet and cold so this afternoon I escaped for a wee while at the nursery http://www.ribblesdalenurseries.co.uk/

and …they had tulips, not bulbs as it’s way too late to be planting tulip bulbs but plants in pots, almost in flower. I couldn’t resist and came away with a few more than is probably good for me and a big bag of compost. I will plant them in the tubs for this year and hopefully having got the borders weeded by October will then re-plant them in the front garden.










image from http://thomasriehlphotos.com/id5.html


2 thoughts on “Tulips tulips and more tulips!

  1. You know there’s no such thing as too many tulips! And at least you made a start on your borders! Mine are shockingly weedy…although the lilacs are putting out leaves apace…especially the one I thought I had murdered!

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