pyjama party part 2


I spotted this pattern on ebay the other day, I love the style of the jacket. Isn’t it elegant? I’m not sure how comfortable the large bow at the back would be to sleep on but it would be great for swanning around in the morning though – just the outfit to get the milk in from the doorstep! Perhaps made in crepe-de-chine or polka dot silk.

I’m planning something a little plainer for my pyjamas though. I looked around for suitable linen, soft and fine but retaining some modesty and found some wonderful linen in either white or pale blue at After spending a while debating with myself which colour I’d like I decided that I’d order some of each and make the white into pyjamas and the pale blue into a blouse or dress.

I also ordered the Vogue sundress pattern V8788 and some red and white spotted cotton from Clothspot

Now all I need is the motivation and space to get sewing! The back bedroom is 3/4 painted and will I hope be finished this weekend. Once that is done and a new bed ordered and delivered my son will be able to move back into his room and I will get the spare room/sewing room back. In the meantime gathering the fabric, patterns and threads etc will give me a headstart when I have space to sew again.


3 thoughts on “pyjama party part 2

  1. I LOVE that red spotty fabric and I think the elegant pj’s would certainly get the neighbours wondering! 😉

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