I woke up this morning with a great desire for aebleskiver, a Danish spherical pancake-like creation which can contain roasted apple slices or can be eaten with apple jelly and sprinkled with icing sugar. They are cooked in a special pan, cast iron with seven or nine semi-spherical depressions to produce the shape correctly. The other essential piece of equipment is a (metal) knitting needle for turning the aebleskiver to enable it to brown on all sides. I think it was the novelty of seeing something being turned with a knitting needle that first fascinated me when I saw them being cooked. My aebleskiver pan came with two recipes, the one I normally make requires buttermilk which I hadn’t got but the other is made with ordinary milk so I thought I’d give it a try. The batter contains eggs, milk, sugar, yeast, flour and melted butter flavoured with lemon juice or vanilla. I used quick acting yeast as I didn’t have any fresh yeast. The mixture rose beautifully and made perfect aebleskiver balls but the taste was very disappointing. The yeast flavour was more dominant than usual and the texture was too spongey. I much prefer the buttermilk version I usually make. Still the roasted apple slices were delicious so it wasn’t a total fail.


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