The perfect place

On Saturday I was cooking in the kitchen (I will perfect meringue making at some point) while the dogs played in the garden, after a few minutes I automatically looked out to check that Nino was ok looking for him in his favourite place by the hedge under the cherry tree. Of course he wasn’t there and for a minute I wondered where he’d got to. It was a sad moment but it did help me decide where his ashes are to be scattered. He loved to sit by the hedge, it was a sheltered position and he could see the kitchen window from there and keep track of any interesting food preparation going on. In the summer he often sat and watched butterflies, here he is with Skye not long after she arrived .                                          The sun shines on that little patch from early in the morning to around lunch time so a good part of Nino’s day could be spent there before moving to the patio at the end of the garden in the afternoon or if there was a chilly wind he would take himself inside to a sunny spot on the sofa – he knew how to make himself comfortable!

I have recieved many messages, both here and by email and telephone, from people moved by the news of his death. He was loved by so many people. Even the postie asked about him today.We thought he was a lovely little dog but it is heartwarming to know that so many other people did too.

Skye and Tilly were very quiet all week so on Saturday evening we took them for a good walk in the fields and through the woods. They ran about, jumped the stream, tried to persuade us that the half a tree they found was a perfectly reasonable stick to throw and /or drag home, chased rabbits, got muddy and generally enjoyed themselves. It was so good to see them so happy and full of life. 


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