Rhubarb, rhubarb

I recieved a lovely bunch of rhubarb stalks last week, courtesy of my friend Linda. The stalks were quite thick so I decided I would try a different method of preparation for turning them into jam. I sliced the rhubarb into thin pieces and covered them with an equal weight of sugar. They were then left in a cool place for 48 hours (on the dining room table on a couple of freezer coolpacks since we were experiencing the hottest weekend this year).This afternoon I added the juice of a couple of lemons and two heaped spoonfuls of ground ginger and brought the mixture to the boil. I kept it boiling until the rhubarb slices were soft and transparent and setting point was reached -roughly 15 minutes- then potted it into sterilised jars. The smell was so tempting that after tea we couldn’t resist having a slice of toast and jam each -mmm delicious!


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