Bank Holiday Blues

In true British fashion I have spent the Bank Holidays decorating. Yesterday I bought a can of Magic Paint – not as exciting as it sounds it is merely white paint which when wet is pink but dries to the usual brilliant white. It makes painting a ceiling especially a ceiling with swirly Anaglypta paper much easier as you can see where you have already painted so don’t miss bits. I hate finishing painting and then noticing the gaps! Unfortunately despite its Low VOC rating it had a very unpleasant smell which lingered all night and through today despite the bowls of bicarbonate of soda on the mantlepiece. The walls were going to be Favourite China blue – lovely in the tester pot but it looked quite different on the walls – too dark and too bedroomy so I’ll save it to repaint my bedroom another time. I looked at a few more blues, got some more sample pots but couldn’t find anything I liked. The big tin of Ecos Paints pale blue tint which we used last time had unfortunately separated and would not paint evenly so it was back to the drawing board. Ecos Paints are shut today and take at least 24 hours to deliver so I bit the bullet and bought Dulux EcoSense paint in Natural Calico (cream in other words!) I’ve read varying reviews of EcoSense paint so I was interested to see if it came up to expectations. It is certainly virtually odour free and covered both the unsuccsessful blue and the original colour well and evenly. I like the colour and it will blend well with the curtain fabric I’ve chosen,  Mylor Stripe a Laura Ashley linen fabric.

Tomorrow the dogs are off to daycare so I can get the remainder of the walls and the skirting boards and windowsills painted without help. Skye is currently sporting lovely Natural Calico ears having got too close to a wet wall this afternoon!


3 thoughts on “Bank Holiday Blues

  1. Natural Calico is a gorgeous colour and works really well in our grey northern light. It’s slightly warmer. I would say that, though…it’s the colour in our kitchen! 😉
    I love the Mylor Stripe. It will be perfect in your sitting room.

    • I’m happier now the paint is drying, it was a bit dark at first. It will look even better after a second coat tomorrow. The colour sets off the fireplace better than the blue too, we have lit the log burner tonight as the house felt really cold after having windows and doors open all day to get rid of the paint smell.

  2. Logs burning in June is wrong. What happened to the summer. I can’t wait to see how this looks. I’m thinking it’s going to be amazing.

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