Painty days

Today I had a day of wall painting, minus the dogs as I used a voucher given to me on my birthday to send them to daycare for the day. It was very strange to come home after dropping them off to a house devoid of dogs, usually Nino would have been here to bumble around amongst the paint tins, share a sandwich with me at lunch time and steal my cups of tea. However I pulled myself together and got the ladders and paint brushes out and got on with the task in hand, while muttering to myself that what this house really needs is another Border Terrier! (Image from Alex Clark Prints.) Day two of the Dulux EcoSense paint saw me having to make two trips back to the DIY shop for more paint – I used the first 2.5 litres on one coat for three walls, got a second tin which did the final wall, mainly window, and second coat on one and a half walls so had to buy a third tin to finish the second coat on the remaining walls. That is almost 7.5litres for an average sized room with a large bay window so despite its good qualities of low odour and matt finish I doubt I’ll buy any more of it. The Ecos paint I usually use is much more economical. Despite that small grumble I am pleased with the wall colour and enjoyed doing the decorating. Changing a room just by painting the walls is a satisfying occupation. The sun shone most of the day so the old curtains have been washed and almost dried outside, they are draped across the drying rack near the Everhot tonight to finish drying and can go back up until I make the new curtains. By the time I finished the last bit of painting it was time to go and pick up the dogs, they had enjoyed a lovely day of playing and running around with their pals. The main road is very busy with roadworks so we came home the back way past the alpaca farm. Sadly the alpacas were nowhere to be seen today, all we saw was a herd of cows which were mooing loudly – Skye looked quite concerned as they were hanging over the fence very close to the car.


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