Home suitability visit

At the renal clinic today I got the news that I am to recieve a home visit to assess the suitability of our house for home dialysis, from what I can gather this mainly involves looking at the plumbing and wiring and space available rather than tidiness and cleanliness thankfully! Once that is done, if the house passes muster, I can then go on the list for training to dialyse at home and according to the consultant should be starting dialysis before the end of the year. If I could find a live kidney donor in the meantime they would transplant me in preference to starting dialysis but that looks unlikely so preparations to dialyse will be set in motion. Although not something I’m looking forward to it does seem like a step in the right direction rather than not knowing what is happening next.

Last week I managed to break a finger, by getting it caught in a ring on the dog’s lead as she leapt forward – apart from the obvious painfulness of the bone and the accompanying cut it is a pain in the neck as I can’t knit, sew, or hold a mug of tea in my right hand. Initially the damaged finger was strapped to the one next to it but I found that more difficult to deal with so yesterday I gingerly undid the bandages, improvised a splint from a lolly stick and bandaged it up again. It is much more comfortable and allows me to move the rest of my fingers normally, useful as I’m in the middle of writing end of year reports!


One thought on “Home suitability visit

  1. I’m thinking this is good news, no? (Obviously not the broken finger…that is very bad news indeed). Fingers crossed that the house passes muster.

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