Mixers again

I’m still looking for the perfect mixer, as I wrote a while ago I would love an Ankarsrum Assistent but the UK distributor does not have anywhere other than London where I could go and examine one and I don’t plan to spend that much money without seeing and touching one.  In the meantime I’ve been scouring the Internet looking for a handheld mixer which can also be used on a stand due to the fact that problems with my circulation mean that holding a mixer for any length of time while it is running makes my fingers tingle in a nasty way. Kenwood make a hand mixer with a stand but looks a flimsy. There are a couple of other makes which are either equally flimsy looking or ludicrously over priced for the power of the mixer. I love the k-Mix hand mixer but it is heavy and there is no stand available. I love even more the k-Mix stand mixer in the crazy purple stripey Oyster Cove colour which (fortunately for my bank balance) is out of stock everywhere other than South Africa.

In despair I’d been muttering about my mum’s Kenwood Chefette, the height of sophistication in the 60’s when it was bought for her by the Gadget Queen herself – my Auntie Jeanne. Auntie Jeanne loved food and cooking (which may have had something to do with her ample girth) and particularly loved gadgets. On a trip to Edinburgh once she apparently spent hours in a shop looking for a gadget – when asked what she was looking for said she didn’t know she just wanted a new gadget. Anyway I digress, she bought Mum one of the first Kenwood Chefettes and as a child I was very very impressed by it. It had its own stand, a liquidiser and a lovely white Pyrex bowl (later models had brown smoked glass and then brown plastic!) The mixer could be tipped back to remove the beaters from the bowl, even if the mixer was still running however this splattered cake mixture up the kitchen walls (don’t ask!), or the whole mixer could be lifted off to use in a different bowl  or to stand on its end and attach the liquidiser to the front to make wonderful foamy milkshakes -the only way I could be persuaded to drink milk.  I looked them up on the Internet and lo and behold there were some slightly later models for sale on ebay. I bid on a wonderful boxed set which had never been used but was sniped at the last minute then found a less pristine one and bid on that. I won the auction and am now waiting impatiently for my lovely Chefette to arrive. The seller assures me it works perfectly so I’m very hopeful and even if it doesn’t I will have a very nice white Pyrex mixing bowl for roughly the cost of few cups of coffee at Starbucks!

PS my Auntie Jeanne sadly died in her early 30s, she left me a tin of pennies for the penny arcade at the seaside (scandalising the family since gambling of any kind was frowned upon), a love of both cooking and sewing and some very happy memories of a larger than life individual who made the best of a difficult life, she had rheumatic fever as a child which damaged her heart irreparably. She lived in a tiny cottage on the sea front at Anstruther and when we visited would take me paddling across the bay to the penny arcades and the fish and chip shop. On the return trip  she would wash her hands in the sea in the hope that her sister in law (my mum) wouldn’t notice the smell of chips on her fingers.


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