The Chefette arrived!

After a lovely morning drinking tea and eating drop scones and chatting with a friend I was about to make some lunch when there was a loud knock on the front door. The Postie was there with a big box in his arms – yes, the Chefette had arrived. It was well packed in shredded newspaper and bubble wrap and needed only a quick wash / wipe before it was ready to use. It is white with navy trimmings – very smart. The first ones were an “attractive”  battleship grey and white and later models were either cream and orange or beige and brown, very 70’s, but the a340 model was white and navy so it doesn’t look as dated as some. It is 46 years old so I plugged it in with some doubts that it would work but was soon reassured by the spinning of the beaters that all was well. The only slight damage is to the liquidiser which has a chip out of the base and a crack in the top neither of which will affect its use. The Pyrex bowl is perfect, not a chip or crack to be seen. A quick look in the fridge found the ingredients for a Victoria Sponge and I was soon putting the light fluffy mixture into the tin. Is it any better than a hand mixed cake? To be brutally honest it looks very similar but it is certainly quicker to make. I think the machine be most useful for making meringues and royal icing as beating egg whites by hand makes my arm ache and the liquidiser will be good for making soups. That said, I absolutely love it and it is small enough to sit on the worktop (covered by its own little Kenwood Chefette cover) all the time without getting in the way.


3 thoughts on “The Chefette arrived!

  1. What a beauty. And the blue/cream colourway is perfect for your lovely kitchen. I see many meringues in your future and not a sore arm in sight. What a fabulous find.

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