Coffee and cakes, and shortbread and jam

Last Friday some of my fellow knitters, a couple of colleagues from work and some of the neighbours came for coffee and cake in aid of the Macmillan Fund. There was as the Macmillan adverts said ” laughing, yummy cakes”, we also enjoyed Liz’s wonderful shortbread , Kate’s exquisite cupcakes, a beautiful baby to admire and an entertaining three year old building amazing vehicles from Duplo. There were jars of jam and marmalade on offer both at the coffee morning and again at knitting group last night.

This morning I totaled up all the donations and went off to the bank with £200. The cashier looked less than impressed by the multiple bags of coins I pushed across the counter, until I handed him the paying in slip for Macmillan at which point he smiled and began telling me how wonderful the nurses are. I agreed wholeheartedly, when my Mum was ill the Macmillan nurses were wonderful – their help allowed my sister and I to have a few hours out while knowing that Mum was being cared for, they came and stayed overnight sometimes to allow us to get some rest so that we would be ready to look after Mum in the daytime and when the time came they helped us explain to our young children what was happening to their Grandma in a way that even my two year old was able to take in, but most of all they supported both Mum and us through the very sad last weeks of her life with such understanding and compassion.  Everyone I know who has faced the problems of having cancer or looking after a friend or relative with it sings their praises.

So I’d like to say a huge Thank You to everyone who came to the coffee morning last week, who brought cakes or shortbread or gave a donation.


One thought on “Coffee and cakes, and shortbread and jam

  1. And we’d like to say a huge thank you for organising such a lovely morning. They were amazing with Mum when Dad was ill, and such a relief as we were so far away and in the middle of adopting a certain young lady. A fantastic total.

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