Service with a smile

Our washing machine died the week before last, as you might expect it was full of towels and they were muddy dog-towels at that. I rang the local service engineers and was promised a visit on the next working day (Monday) so over the weekend we managed to get the washer door to open and had a heap of muddy towels to hand wash. On Monday the service engineer arrived within the time frame offered, looked at the washer (which is out of guarantee by a few years now) and said he wasn’t sure what the problem was but there seemed to be a lot of water in the base of the machine that shouldn’t be there so he’d need to take it in to have a better look at it. He promised to ring me if the repair was going to be expensive and off he went. On Tuesday evening I noticed that the phone message light was flashing and found a message from the engineer. He’d found the fault, fixed it and could return the machine the following day. I rang back to ask how much I owed, and was pleasantly surprised to be told that a seal in the soap dispenser had perished so they had replaced that and would charge only the cost of the seal (pennies) and the original call out charge as it had only taken a few minutes to fix. The machine was delivered back in the morning and the engineer reconnected the pipes and drains and made sure it was working before he left. DC Domestics are a local, Preston, firm and I heartily recommend them – we have used them for years after having problems with the official service company for our machine who informed me that the machine wasn’t worth repairing when it broke down shortly after its guarantee ran out and charged me a ridiculous amount to come and tell me that. On that occasion DC Domestics fitted a new door seal at less than the cost of the call out charge for the official service engineers and we’ve continued using the machine for the last few years with only occasional problems due to user incompetence, e.g. my son leaving nails or paperclips in his jeans pockets!  Having done without the washer for almost a week we have been  getting the backlog of washing done over the weekend and the bright sunny days allowed us to hang most of it outside to dry which after the monsoon like rain of the past couple of weeks is a real delight!


3 thoughts on “Service with a smile

  1. Hurrah for good service. It’s very telling that this is the exception rather than the norm these days..good to celebrate it.

      • A one year warranty is scandalous with the prices they charge. Not acceptable in the slightest.

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